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If necessary, steal it from some other activity, with no apologies.Write your weekly date night in stone, and break it only for emergencies.Your marriage is the cornerstone of your family, and deserves your attention.Don't wait for free time to miraculously appear; create it.If you don't make time together your priority, it just won't happen. You can also try introducing a new move in the bedroom or just give your spouse a long, passionate kiss when he least expects it.Another surprising turn-on: telling your partner how much you appreciate him and your life together five times a day.

You can also leave housecleaning or laundry for a rainy day — better to have a pile of dirty socks than a rocky marriage. To keep things exciting and fresh, make small alterations in your routine including initiating sex at a time that's unusual for you, say, when he walks in the door from work (maybe Grandma or a friend can take the kids).

Here's how she answers some of the common sex questions people ask.1. Most people (especially women) believe what they want in the bedroom is somehow weird — probably because so many of us learned as kids that sex is dirty and that our physical needs shouldn't be discussed. Better yet, loosening your inhibitions a little is the first step to getting the sex life of your dreams.2. Everyone thinks there's someone else having way more sex than you are. Research has shown that most long-married American couples have sex once or twice a week, provided illness, pregnancy, travel, financial stress, or any other major issue doesn't get in the way. Tell him how turned on you were during your last lovemaking because he really took his time.

For new couples, it happens much more often, but the frequency will gradually decrease over time.3. He isn't a mind reader, so you have to speak up and be clear about what you want. Before you know, he'll be offering more foreplay than you can handle! Don't be afraid to say things like: "Can we slow down a minute," "can you do that thing with your tongue again," or "this feels good; you know what would make it feel even better (then change positions)."Sometimes you don't have to speak at all — just guide him by gently lifting your hips or moving your body in a way that works for you.

Also, don't hesitate to confide in a therapist or your clergyperson if it becomes too much to handle alone.

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And finally, take time out for a hot bath, spa day, hanging with friends, or date night with your husband. It is possible to repair your relationship after an affair.

Next up: Therapy — a couples' counselor can help you find out what led to the infidelity and figure out how to rebuild the relationship.

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