Muslim sex chats

23-Jun-2017 18:20

The differences are particularly large in Russia ( 40 percentage points), Lebanon ( 39), Kosovo ( 23) and Bosnia-Herzegovina ( 22).On this question, there are no consistent differences by age or gender across the countries surveyed.At least eight-in-ten say the same in most countries surveyed in South Asia and the Middle East-North Africa region; only in Lebanon does a smaller majority (64%) share this view.At least half of Muslims in all the countries surveyed in sub-Saharan Africa accept that personal morality is based on belief in God.Additionally, in six countries, one-in-ten or more volunteer that the moral status of euthanasia depends on the context in which it occurs: Kazakhstan (14%), Egypt (11%), Albania (10%), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (10%), Kyrgyzstan (10%) and Russia (10%).

Respondents also could volunteer that “it depends on the situation” or that they don’t know.The survey finds that most Muslims agree that certain behaviors – such as drinking alcohol, suicide and sex outside marriage – are morally wrong.

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