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05-Jun-2017 19:49

He personally found the Green movement smug, pious and off-putting.They were always criticising people for eating meat, or driving cars, or not wearing hemp clothing. I’ve become a pessimistic optimist, or the other way around.‘I was anxious most of the time at sea,’ de Rothschild says.‘And I felt slightly removed from the essence of the adventure, because I was Skyping with journalists all the time, talking about what we were doing, as we were doing it.

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‘Rather than lecture people, or tell them off, or make them depressed, we wanted to use the power of a great adventure story to get people thinking about plastics in a new way,’ de Rothschild says. It’s a magnet for media attention, which helps gets the message out. But it also gets him criticised as a rich dilettante who can’t be taken seriously.‘I guess I was hoping it would achieve more,’ he says. The oceans are still drowning in plastic.’ Before Plastiki, he was a full-blown optimist.