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Bows were worn in the front as well during the era. those chiffon sleeves were likely gathered with a thread, so if you do that, the hole will disappear. Under the brightest lights, you might want to give this dress one minor soak, but any issues are so minor as to be invisible.

Gown measures up to 34" bust (small cup size), up to 35" hips, 45" - 68" long from shoulders to hems, 70" long sash. First things first, the white ermine fur on this coat needs to be replaced. Measures: 33" bust, 24" waist, though will probably fit a 31" bust better as it's a small back. The only issue is that there is one small section at the side that was repaired (old repair) with a piece of material taken from the extra material turned over inside the waistline.

Great shape of skirt which flairs out with vertical lace at the thigh to the bottom. And the best news is it is in EXCELLENT condition and in a VERY WEARABLE SIZE! hen I first started collecting antique and vintage clothing, I started with white Edwardian gowns. Boat neckline, 1/2 sleeves, horizontal bands of open cutwork and embroidery, tiny lace at waist (though I would cover with colored sash - because I just love that look), fitted through upper leg and then gathered to lower skirt with the same cutwork, embroidery, lace and horizontal pleating. Measures: up to 34" bust, up to 24" waist, 54" long from shoulder to hem Great for a display piece in your room (yes, I used to just hang these pieces on a padded hanger, and then use a simple push pin in my walls to display! This piece has fairly thin cotton fabric, so you can wear as it's currently in Excellent condition, but wear with care. Also has a lovely long satin "sash" hanging at the side with black passementerie. It's the softest velvet I have ever felt (and I've touched a LOT of antique and vintage velvets! Measures: up to 35" bust, up to 34" waist, up to 37" hips, 52" long from shoulder to hem. You will need just a bit of sewing under the Chantilly lace (see photos)... The exterior 2 layers of Chantilly Lace is in great condition!! ;) At first glance, you will believe this to be a black velvet coat embroidered with gold lame, but at closer inspection, you will see that this is actually a 1920's gold painted velvet coat! The coat came without the black fox fur collar, but I'm selling it with the coat as it's crying out for that option to wear it either way!!!! There is no closure on the front, but you could certainly simply add a button and a loop at the waist and one at top. John Wanamaker's was one of the earliest department stores. Now I'm not a lace expert, but this lace looks like handmade Duchesse to my untrained eye.

Measures: up to 32/33" bust, up to 24" waist, up to 34" hips, 58" long from shoulder to hem. Measures: up to 40" bust, up to 38" waist, up to 45" hips, 32" long from shoulder to hem... However, I'm 5'2" and the sleeves are too long for me, so I'd suggest a taller gal is better... I moved on to silk and crepe Edwardian gown and I still have a closet full of my "first babies". So I assume there are other young girls or young women out there who want to get started as I did. This dress needs to go to a good home who will baby it, and give her a facelift! Measures: about 32/33" bust, about 25/26" waist, 56" long from shoulder to hem, 66" long in back (train). I only found one tiny professional repair of black lace in skirt. I would probably wear with a rhinestone buckle belt... The only real issue at all with the dress is one small loss of velvet at the hemline (see photo)... You could hem it up but it's already fairly short, so... you will probably just want to snuggle with this velvet... This blouse if from the mid-1910's, usually worn with a simple skirt or suit. there are tiny age spots here and there and a few minor tiny holes (see photo) near shoulder and upper one sleeve. I have a few large closeup photos of the lace for you to tell me!

After Tuesday night’s show, Stefani lost both of her remaining contestants, Hunter Plake and Brennley Brown in a surprising elimination result.

And even though Levine was sweet to support the star with his wardrobe choice, Stefani seems to be cheering for another team in the season 12 finale.

Difficult to measure because bias will fit a wide variety of bodies. but I think it will fit up to 38*' bust, up to 32" waist, up to 40" hips.

Has the same low back, bias seaming, sash belt, and high/low hemline. However, even though this gown's interior seams edges are hand sewn, and it has the Made in France label... I'm not sure how it was originally worn, but here's an option. I didn't close the back neck as I didn't want to pull at it. one tiny tiny rust spot at upper right (see photo) and one small hole in the chiffon sleeve.. It could happen again, so get them while they are still reasonably priced . Measures: up to 35" bust, up to 25" waist, 55" long from shoulder to hem.

We also offer the opportunity to hire for special occasions, reenactments, photo shoots etc.

Of all the things I sell, I think 1920s flapper headpieces are my favorite. Chigot" complete with the original silk lining and a small piece of the original price tag attached. Chigot was, but there are still a few of his signed pieces found when googling. Otherwise, this dress only needs some minor sewing. Nude under will look pretty much like this, but white under will "pop", red under will look like Rose's dress in Titanic, etc. I'd consider wearing nothing under it just to feel the fur on your skin. The entire gown looks to be in Excellent condition at first blush.

In her Instagram story, she shared a snap of her footwear after the show, revealing a Shelton-printed pair of Vans Customs slip-ons — that she designed herself!

A second snap showed Shelton cozying up to his girlfriend wearing his signature pair of cowboy boots.I still have a few rhinestone tiaras that are in my private collection, and I am close to adding this to my own collection as well, so think fast. He must have been the king of these fashionable cloches! One seam in the sleeve (I'd do it but I don't have a sewing machine), and one thread loop needs fixing on one sleeve (4 buttons on each sleeve). The black beading on this overdress gives the look of a 20s necklace hanging down the front... This jacket is interesting as the material seems to be a woven linen rather than a wool. :) You can wear the jacket either closed (doublebreasted with one button closure) or open (creating a bit of a swing shape). 21" long from shoulder to hem, 18" across back (though there are no shoulder seams to measure for sure), Perhaps up to 38" bust. Excellent condition though the chinchilla could use a cleaning/glazing from your furrier as there's a bit of an odor (I have a sensitive nose! For those of you who are VERY VERY fashion forward, you COULD wear this insideout. If you look closure (basically you have to stick your head up and underneath and look out to see a bit of daylight through the fabric) and a few hooks/eyes missing, a bit of tearing of lining only.

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