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You’ll be asked to dress up like a fireman or a football player but never at the same time.HOW TO USE THE PLAYBOOKAs you flip through The Playbook you’ll notice that each play is presented in an easy-to-follow recipe format.If you’re wondering why you have to change who you are, consider this: is a woman more likely to sleep with a loser like you or an underwater bomb diffuser who grew up in an orphanage? Using all this information, here’s a composite sketch of what women might consider the most sexually attractive man ever.Don’t worry, The Playbook will never ask you to dress up like this bozo.It’s important to identify your skill level before getting started.That’s why I’ve included the following ASS Test, or Aptitudinal Seduction Skills Test.

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They would describe through spirited reenactment what a “dangerous” kill it was and how Urk bravely climbed atop the saber-toothed tiger or mastodon or triceratops or whatever.

He works for a powerful bank in New York City but somehow finds time to “suit up” and help the less fortunate, in particular his lovelorn and all together pathetic bro Ted Mosby—seriously, that dude’s got probs. There are millions of unattractive chumps just like you all over the place who apparently never want to sleep with a woman.

When Barney’s not staging private bikini calendar shoots, test-driving tanks, or elbow-deep in another legendary activity, like riding a tiger bareback or blowing up a guitar, he can be seen on the hit CBS show How I Met Your Mother with his friends Ted, Robin, Lily, and Marshall. But all of that is going to change because now, with the help of The Playbook, you’ll be able to approach any beautiful woman you want and trick her into sleeping with you. By giving you self-confidence and proving that you really are somebody who matters (even though you’re not).

Last, and most important, other seduction methods preach “social dynamics” in which you insult women in an attempt to attract them. Rather than degrade women, The Playbook centers on the profound, positive, and personal changes you can make to trick hot sluts into sleeping with you. The plays in this book are scientifically calibrated to excite the female sex nodes enough to make her actually consider having sex with a stranger.

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This strategy flies in the face of conventional wisdom, because for countless millennia men were led to believe that women were not interested in casual sex.Included in this collection are more than seventy-five schemes that are guaranteed to attract all kinds of women, no matter how sorrowful your social skills are.