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Then in a voice of thunder he cried : " Columns extend right and left I Attack on both flanks." It was an order to an imaginary force behind.The oflicers of his escort repeated the order and rode' forward, discharging their pistols. The Spaniards, inferring a superior force, had taken flight. As it marched, here and there wild Ilaneros and peons were drafted in by payment, promise, or impressment.Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Was this river of blood all that the years of devoted effort were to bring ?About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Bolivar at the front of his twenty men hung his head in the ^ony of defeat and failure.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. With but a small portion of the Creole population as its si';jport, the Revolution was imperilled he irly by the insatiable vanities and jealou ies of the rival leaders.

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On January 31st, he united with General Paez and added one thousand cavalry and two hundred and fifty infantry to his army. Moored to the opposite bank was a Spanish gunboat, three flat-bottomed flecheras, and several canoes. "You have brought me here, General Faez ; how will you get me across ? "On those flecheras over there," said Paez nonchalantly. " " Choose whom you want, Uncle," was the answering shout. On horse- back, lance in hand, they entered the stream and swam into the current.

"We must strike while they are separated." " Join Bermudez and Marifto in the north- east," counselled Martinez ; *' march west- ward along the coast and attack Morillo. If beaten, we can retreat like Tartars to the immeasurable plains.

He had only seven hundred Spaniards on the island when he attacked Arismendi." Bolivar shook his head. They will sacrifice me, the Republic, and anything else to their vanity and love of power. " I would see General Bolivar ; I come from Uncle Paez," called the mounted figure. A half-breed llanero, barefooted, clad in dirty cotton shirt and trousers, his head thrust through a great blue poncho, shambled in before the Council. " he asked; the leader was pointed out, and the llanero approached and put his hand familiarly on the officer's shoulder — the undisciplined plainsman's greeting. We will mareh to Apure and join Paez" — he hesitated.

Fearing now lest the monks whom Piar had captured would embarrass his move- ments, Bolivar sent a message to one of the mulatto's officers in charge, saying ; — "Transport the prisoners to La Divina Pastora." The officer, not knowing of the town thus named, and supposing that he was to send the monks to "the Divine 35 n,g,t,7.dh, Google The Path of the Conquistadores Shepherdess" in heaven, forthwith mas- sacred them all. On July 17th the weak Spanish forces abandoned Angostura and Los Castillos.

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The Orinoco was in the possession of the Revolutionists. The capture of Angostura marked the turning-point in this stni^le, as the capture of Trenton had signalled the turn of the tide for Washington.These ocx:upied Cartagena, Valencia, n,g,t,7.dh, G00glc The Conquistadores Caracas, Barcelona, the cities all along the north coast. As far as Santa F6 de Bogota there is no force to oppose us along the line of the Orinoco and Apure.

A definite line was drawn between the two continents by the geographer Ptolemy (85–165 AD), indicating Alexandria along the Prime Meridian and making the isthmus of Suez and the Red Sea the boundary between Asia and Africa.… continue reading »

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